Saturday, January 31, 2009

First Blog Ever!!

Hi! This is my wonderful family!! God has blessed me in so many great ways and continues daily. Today I learned that a sweet baby girl Tuesday passed away. I feel so sadden by the loss of this baby girl!! Please pray for Tuesday's family as they try to get thru such a hard time!! As for two other babies that I pray for they are doing so well. That's Harper and Brayden!! They have so many people praying for them!! Pray works!! We can see that with these babies. I'm new at this so give me time. I'll have something interesting to blog about!!

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  1. Children are definately a gift from God. Unfortunately, we can't always keep them with us. I am a pediatric cardiac nurse who left the bedside because of burnout from our little ones being so sick and dying. The comfort that I have received from this situation is that these young souls are safe in the arms of Jesus and they are no longer suffering the ailments that they faced while here for their short stay.

    I pray for peace for you, your family, and the family of the baby girl.